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Rosemary's writing has been featured in print publications such as At Home in Arkansas, Little Rock Soiree, Arkansas Life, and more. She's written digital content on a national scale for companies such as Bourbon and Boots and Picaboo Yearbooks. She is currently an editor at Forever Young Adult and her musings on young adult books can also be found at Kirkus Reviews. Click each photo to read the full article.



City Portrait Series: Bentonville | Little Rock Soiree, May 2015

When Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton announced her plans to build a world class art museum in 2005, an unexpected shift occurred, and Bentonville woke up.


Scarlet: Meet the Stylists

The team at Scarlet runs the gamut of personal style. From casual to classic to rocker-chic, there's a personal stylist waiting to help you create your perfect look.


The Twelfth Step | Little Rock Soiree, February 2015

There are no stained glass windows here, no pulpits or altars. Instead of pews, people sit at long folding tables. Instead of communion, plates of scrambled eggs and Styrofoam cups of coffee are consumed. The twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are framed on the wall like commandments. The people here walk a fine line between fragility and strength, but the mood is upbeat nonetheless.

Sean Takahashi

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Wild Ride | Little Rock Soiree, March 2016

Board chair Jennifer Owens helps the Little Rock Zoo celebrate its 90th anniversary with improved and enhanced exhibits and events.

A Community's Theater | Little Rock Soiree, January 2017

The Rep's new artistic director hopes to unite a diverse city through the art of the play.